A house with the void as the articulator between the existing and the new.

A compact volume is punched out from which different elements are extracted and moved that enhance the morphological reading of the project, achieving the division between the new and the old and incorporating the vegetation in the voids creating a new ambiguous spatial experience between the interior and the exterior.

Project: Estudio Montevideo

Location: Córdoba, Argentina 

Year: 2021 

Area: 235 m2


Ramiro Veiga 

Gabriela Jagodnik 

Marco Ferrari 


Design: Hugo Radosta, Juan Ignacio Baralo, Gustavo Macagno

A space designed from simplicity and horizontality. This project uses the geometry of the terrain to its advantage to gain voids that allow a porous and fluid habitat. A continuous facade frames the house with a simple aesthetic that is replicated in all spaces, given by the concrete, glass and dark walls contrasted by the warmth of the wood.