passion, attitude, commitment

We are an architecture, graphic design and branding studio.
We create designs and brands for restaurants, shopping centers, offices and homes with unique personalities.
We are aware of the added value that design brings in these projects and in people’s lifes.

We are a young group of lively people with motivation who, after having followed a course of studies either on Architecture, Design, Advertising, Lettering or Art, have devoted ourselves to the same: studying how to give soul to a place, so that it becomes a living setting.

We think on how to make textures speak so as they recite any feelings, on how an ideal corner may be the secret ingredient of a resto, or on which is the formula for telling stories without using letters and words; only the room’s reflection.

We are a studio just because we have studied how to make all these happen, how to put it a name, and how to make its personality to express itself from the very first kiss to its new owners, its dwellers.

We are obsessive, demanding professionals and proud parents of many children who have already learnt to walk alone, and today, the idea is that they discover the world.

Language is not an obstacle since we do not speak in Spanish; we know how to say “hello”, “welcome”, “feel yourself comfortable” in the universal language of architecture with soul.

Our Team


Architect Marco Ferrari Architect Gabriela Jagodnik Architect Ramiro Veiga


Architect Mateo Unamuno Architect Clara Fragueiro Architect Eugenia Carrillo Architect Hugo Radosta Architect Candelaria Cáceres Architect Melisa Daives

Graphic Designer Partner

Clara Quinteros

Advertising Partner

Nicolás Cugiani