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Inspired by the roaring 20s, COC is born. A cocktail bar that seeks to give rise to long nights of social gatherings, music, drinks, tapas and good company.
From the moment you enter the shine, the curves, the marble, the mirrors, the colors transport you to another era. The art deco style leaves its mark to complete the experience and feel like the great Gastby in the movie.

Project: Estudio Montevideo

Location: Córdoba, Argentina

Year: 2020

Area: 262 m2


Ramiro Veiga 

Gabriela Jagodnik 

Marco Ferrari 


Design: Julieta Astorica, Melisa Daives 

Branding: Un Barco Estudio 

Photography: Gonzalo Viramonte

Inspired in the crazy twenties, COC is born. A cocktail bar that gives rise to long nights of social gatherings, music, drinks, tapas, and good company.

COC arises from the word “cocktail”, rooster tail. At the times of the Prohibition Act, it referred to all leftovers left in the bottles of liquor which were mixed so as to produce new flavors that we today know as cocktails. This is why the logo has two roosters having a cocktail.

From the moment you enter, the curves, the marble, the mirrors, the tea-colored hues, take us back to another era. The Art Deco style leaves its impressions in order to complete the experience and to make us feel in the film The Great Gatsby.

The space is structured around an oval-shaped counter of golden mirrors, crowned with a chandelier of yellow acrylics that, without a doubt, has become the protagonist of the place. Seven hundred and fifty acrylic sheets goes turning, dancing, and shining with its own light so as they do not stop being the center of every picture and attention.

The bottle rack in the middle of the counter, impressive, reflecting and illuminated, promises to give us the best drinks of the place, and to make us enjoy the best night in good company.

The walls and ceilings were covered with green and yellow micro-concrete, a great bet for the color that emphasized the style of the place.

At the bottom, four yellow arches crowned with a mirror, each one surrounded by the Winery area, where a direct sale to the public of all products is carried out. The shelves and enclosed areas follow the same rounded lines than all metals painted gold and a light wood that provides warmth to the space. In this area, a huge counter made of Carrara marble was thought so as sommeliers and wine lovers conduct tastings and events.

Lastly, a big terrace with a capacity of up to 120 persons to enjoy the fresh air encloses all the bar, and makes sunsets at COC to become a classic tradition. The tables are made of marble and the fixed stools covered with black Subway add the shine that characterizes the interior of the place.

The signage of sheet and neon lights stress the façade, such as the gold applications of the glasses. In the inside, on one of the walls, you can see the two roosters crowning the kitchen in a gold gilding technique made by the artist Walter Ferreyra. This kitchen is in sight of the public, but closed with a black polarized glass.