architecture/branding/graphic design


The concept of a loft tells us that it is a type of house with few separations, large spaces, usually bright. And it is true. But we have our own loft concept, and it has much more to do with the way that space is inhabited, and with its occupants, of course. The perfect space for those looking for a home, with an attentive look at details and design, which is already part of their way of seeing life, which is not far-fetched but exquisite. Also for those who can enjoy the charm of community life, as well as family intimacy doors inside. In summary, for those who are willing to fill every space, interior and exterior, with the small pleasures of life.

Project: Estudio Montevideo

Location: Córdoba, Argentina

Year: 2018

Area: 2540 m²


Marco Ferrari

Gabriela Jagodnik

Ramiro Veiga


Design: Hugo Radosta, Candelaria Caceres, Clara Fragueiro

Branding & Graphic Design: Clara Quinteros

Renderer: Estudio NOD