In Palermo neighborhood, we have designed an innovative space for La Maquinita Co. in partnership with Facebook. The space was divided into two rooms, joined by an assembling area. Design premises for this innovative space were to be flexible, easily modifiable according to the requirements set by the activities performed in there. That each room could work in an independent way but, in turn, being part of a whole. Facade was built with pipes that create a weave that, depending on the point of view, it can be seen as a blind or translucent plane. In this way, it allows light to enter to the front room and also a sense of privacy. Plants and light is key in the central area so as to be used as a backyard and a space for integration.

Project: Estudio Montevideo

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Year: 2017

Area: 380 m2


Gabriela Jagodnik

Marco Ferrari

Ramiro Veiga

Pablo Dellatorre


Associated Studio: Pablo Dellatorre

Design: Mateo Unamuno, Sofía Faur

Technical lead: Architect Manuel Landivar, Architect Fiorela Jauregui

Photography: Gonzalo Viramonte