architecture / branding / graphic design

This intervention seeks, on the one hand, to highlight the exiting heritage, its conception, history, and identity. On the other hand, it seeks to create a background, a urban style reinterpreting the neighborhood skyline. The gallery not only tries to pay tribute to the neighborhood but also to the culture harbored: an outdoor lifestyle, of reunions, entertainment, and family.

Project: Estudio Montevideo

Location: Córdoba, Argentina

Year: 2017

Area: 1308.27 m2


Ramiro Veiga

Gabriela Jagodnik

Marco Ferrari

Pablo Dellatorre


Associated Studio: Pablo Dellatorre

Design: Sofía Faur, Florencia Martinez, Antonela Faucher, Ignacio Igarzabal

Graphic design: Clara Quinteros

Branding: Nicolas Cugiani

Renderer: Estudio NOD