architecture / branding 

A bakery made up of pinewood and Carrara marble. Inspired in vintage bakeries. The distinctive touch is given by a display window of boutique breads and a counter packed with goods. On the other side, there is a gelateria with voluminous white tiles that break with the facade so as to invite people that pass by to come. This experiential walk finishes in a bakery like the ones of the past.

Project: Estudio Montevideo

Location: Córdoba, Argentina

Year: 2017

Area: 75 m2


Gabriela Jagodnik

Marco Ferrari

Ramiro Veiga

Pablo Dellatorre


Associated Studio: Pablo Dellatorre

Design: Florencia Martinez

Construction: Ignacio Ongini

Branding: NMAM

Lettering: Walter A. Ferreyra

Photography: Gonzalo Viramonte