architecture/ branding/ graphic design

There is a line that divides reality in two, from one side of the line, we live with our feet on the ground, we walk firmly in the routine of this expression, with all that this implies. And on the other side, you live with your feet in the water, which was not an expression, until today. "Encouraging you to be sure to be free, let go of all the ties that bind us to the earth and steal hours a day from today means: Living with your feet in the water." To this dividing line, we call it the coast and our village is right in the middle, so we can practice our favorite sport: Sail in the balance of the two worlds by combining their densities. Like a buoy, half in the water and the other half in the wind.

Project: Estudio Montevideo

Location: Córdoba, Argentina

Year: 2017

Area: 170 m2



Gabriela Jagodnik

Marco Ferrari

Ramiro Veiga

Pablo Dellatorre


Associated Studio: Pablo Dellatorre

Design: Emilia Darricades, Clara Fragueiro

Branding: Nico Cugiani

Graphic Design: Clara Quinteros

Renderer: Estudio NOD