architecture/ branding/ graphic design

The river does not follow rules other than its own.

As the first settler of the lands he made the laws, and delimited his trace with his intuition.

Centuries of cimarón and without name pushing the earth with its coasts

He did his routine until it became a landscape.

It didn't take cities to grow in their margins

wanting to tame the indomitable snake with its geometries.

In no case were they successful.

The only one left was to accept their conditions and in return,

they let the cities name them.

Ours is called Suquía

and in one of his elbows we made a village

in the middle of the gridded city

but with the laws of the river.

Welcome to our river houses

Welcome to our caseRio.

Project: Estudio Montevideo

Location: Córdoba, Argentina

Year: 2017

Area: 170 m2


Gabriela Jagodnik

Maro Ferrari

Ramiro Veiga

Pablo Dellatorre


Associated Studio: Pablo Dellatorre

Design: Clara Fragueiro

Branding & Graphic Design: Clara Quinteros

Renderer: Estudio NOD