Inter Office


The traditional office scheme is conceived as a hard, structured work space, stripped of who inhabits it; out of date to today's world. Behind each office there are people, people as diverse as the world we inhabit, that is why we propose to unite and give their place to all. Stop calling it an office to talk about the community in Córdoba. It is about not having barriers, eliminating borders and being citizens of the world. This is where the building begins to manifest in its concept of breaking the limits, emerging from a three-dimensional grid, which in its center completely materializes and as it advances towards the extremes it degrades and empties.

Project: Estudio Montevideo

Location: Córdoba, Argentina 

Year: 2020 

Area: 1937 m2


Ramiro Veiga 

Gabriela Jagodnik 

Marco Ferrari 


Design: Hugo Radosta, Juan Ignacio Baralo, Violeta Bonicatto, Facundo Peralta, German Ferradas.

Associated Studio: Ayassa Fombella