Tadicor, a restyling that sought to highlight the main characteristic of the retail wholesale business. Emphasizing the retailer, the people who pass through the place daily. Mega aisles, gondolas and boxes now seek to have a direct relationship with the user, giving them human scale and materials that give them warmth. Reinforcing the idea with the new branding.

Project: Estudio Montevideo

Location: Córdoba, Argentina

Year: 2020

Area: 18000 m2


Ramiro Veiga 

Gabriela Jagodnik 

Marco Ferrari 


Design: Daives Melisa, Juan Ignacio Baralo

Branding: Paz Miamor

Photography: Gonzalo Viramonte

The concept for Tadicor consisted of a restyling not only architectural but also graphic, starting with a new icon that better adapts to the commercial nature of Tadicor. The different circles represent retail and wholesale sales forming a sphere that groups them. A small change that acts as the basis for the rest of the Branding development that includes offline and online pieces, and changes in the architecture of the place, which seek to provide legibility to the space, friendly scales and unify the language of the different situations that occur in this great supermarket, constantly reinforcing the new graphic identity that was designed for the place, from the access parking lot to the gondolas inside.

On the façade, the corner is emphasized, configuring a suspended red box that focuses on the access. Inside, working with a lot of white and light, red and blue are incorporated into different surfaces and materials, wood and vegetation to provide warmth and freshness.

The aim was to unify the plinth of commercial premises and services, through a continuous border and its posters. The box sector lowers the scale and brings warmth through a wooden pergola, which opens at the access to the shopping hall, where the gondolas are made up of rounded tips, allowing easy access from the sides. The use of color in the ceiling highlights the sector of opportunities and the carnage, expanding the visual and seeking to break the linearity and monotony of the space with these particular situations.